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I appreciate you taking the time to visit. This site's content is designed to stretch and work the mind; religious beliefs are irrelevant. We're supposed to share a little about ourselves here. I lived in many places; Knoxville, TN, was the most recent. I served in the military, got a few degrees in film and writing, and am an avid reader. 


I've been creative since I picked up crayons, coloring pencils, and paper. After teaching myself art, I taught myself how to play musical instruments and write songs and short stories.


I grew up in NOLA, New Orleans, Louisiana, an excellent place for my progressive parents to plant roots for my siblings and me. My parents allowed us to learn whatever we wanted. There, I questioned everything about this existence, including the UFO sittings and this god program. We need to see more. Don't cha agree? 

After the unexplainable, I was interested in finding the answers to questions, and what was fucking with my norm? More like, "What the hell was hovering over my house?" How did we get here? What is our purpose? And ... Why is this reality even necessary to experience? 


My curiosity took me on a path of self-discovery and away from my family. I learned as much as possible from our forgotten history and religions, not the bullshit narrative brainwashing program with many in chains. The journey awakened me to the similar teachings that most religions share. Still... nothing about some of those beliefs vibed with my soul. I became restless and kept searching. What the hell is this place? 


That journey was necessary and just what I needed at the time. I recall friends and coworkers at a coffeehouse sharing books. One, in particular, stood out when I was attempting to teach myself to meditate. Thich Nhat Hanh. "PEACE IS EVERY STEP." After I learned the proper method of meditation at a Zen Buddhist temple and immersed myself in mindfulness, I woke up and became aware of the observer within.  


Are you ready?


Let's go!



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