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Where do I start with my current events ... writing? Lots of it. When not writing screenplays for my film collective or content for this blog, I create art, music, and writing Paranormal Sci-Fi. My name is Cobre, a native of New Orleans living in Knoxville, TN. 


My creative nature began at an early age, where creating things from imagination was daily. My mom tried to get me to venture outside many times, but that rarely happened. I was too interested in the Gnosis of this reality also; where are we headed as a species? We are not doing so well and should be more advanced. Don't cha agree?

I searched for answers to questions like ... How did we get here? What is all this reality even necessary to experience? Those questions took me on a journey of self-discovery. I learned the teachings and doctrines of various religions, and that endeavor woke me up in a sense that some of those religions are teaching the same thing while others are changing their principles to evolve. Still not to the level that would convince me of an alignment with my spirituality. 


I became restless and to a point in life where I got stuck. That lead me to learn meditation from the guidance of Zen monks, and that was decades ago. They didn't try to force their beliefs onto me. That was attractive. From that day forward, my daily practice gives me clarity and peace, and the desire to produced awakening content for those, like me, who want to go deeper. 


On the flip side, my film group had to press the pause button filming Projects because of the pandemic. But we are slowly getting back into the groove. We experimented with iPhones, using the FilMic app to shoot content and LumaFusion for editing on the iPad Pro. Soon we will have entertaining content loaded to this site. I'm so excited!

I hope you enjoy my site because more is to come. Stay tuned.