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Copper Wiezi on the lake

Thank you for visiting. If this site resonates with you, fabulous. I recently moved from Knoxville, TN, back home to NOLA. I lived all over the country and made beautiful friends. On my eclectic travels, I went from military service to playing in a rock band, earning degrees in film and writing. 

My earliest memories, which remain in my mind to this day, were the creative ones. They began with crayons and expanded into self-taught artistry, music, and storytelling. Growing up in New Orleans was all the fuel I needed to create. 

Then, there were my supernatural encounters with the unexplained, which changed my trajectory for good and led me on a quest for deeper understanding. 

My pursuit led me away from family and friends, delving into forgotten histories and religions, seeking truth beyond societal narratives. Despite the shared teachings across religions, my soul yearned for more, leading to a profound awakening through the words of Thich Nhat Hanh and the practice of Zen meditation. The mind has to be mastered.


One more thing. I believe in the universal fact that we are not alone and constantly evolving. We must collectively expand our intellectual horizons to progress and prepare for possible contact.



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