With the current events of the year occupying our collective way of life, globally, we still have the pandemic and other challenges to get through. Unprecedented for sure. Meditation, more than usual, has become the norm for me. I've also fasted more this year than my entire lifetime. From all that, I have these thoughts to share about 2020. 


We must move forward. We are in a position to make our future equal for all, something worth working towards, you know ... But first, an awakening, a true awakening, must activate in the spirits and minds of all sentient beings. 


We must produce a future where our children pursue their dreams no matter the challenges and adversity. 


As a collective of intelligent beings, we must break the mold that holds us back. We must also stop allowing complacency with the way things are and cease trusting those of influence blindly without speaking up to the injustices afflicted on the less fortunate. 


Teaching others to be self-sufficient and responsible and not expect anything in return for showing them to be accountable should be implemented NOW. Remind them that co-dependency on others or the government is not beneficial. IF they're capable of adding to modern civilization, they must.


Now is the time to make that change, end suffering, and help one another reach our highest truth and purpose. Let us move forward in harmony with a higher vibration and create a bright purpose-driven future for all sentient beings.