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The mission of this site is simple and twofold, to assist seekers on the journey of self-discovery by awakening their conscious mind with provocative thought from the blog content and using short films as a medium; by the way, short films are in progress.


The short film content currently being produced is designed to push the mind out of the programmed box it resides. When that happens, the discovery of the self and its relation to the cocreated reality meet face to face. This point of your life is when you begin to peel your program's first layer. It's the one you've been carrying from day one's entry, birth.


By aiding you, we're helping the planet as a whole. We're also helping those with children and all living entities wake up. It would be best to help out because doing something OTHER than your life's mission is not getting any better. Do you know what I mean? 


When you're on your journey, you'll attract those like you. If you don't find others like you ... manifest it! 


Also ... be mindful of who you allow into your circle because they will either hold you back or lift you. Assess your states by regulating the drain of your emotional states.


It's essential to get involved because our current way of life is destroying the planet and approaching a precipice, and ... the end of our lifecycle as we know it - is upon us. 


A new way of living is crucial now more than ever. Creating positive influences and initiating new methods now will shape the future. So wake up, discover your mission, love all beings, practice forgiveness, and peel away your layers and emerge. 


One more thing, when the collective shift in consciousness is activated, you and everyone will emerge, ending the current program, replacing it with the new one. That's when humanity's next evolution of this timeline begins ... exploration.

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