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In the high-stakes world of intergalactic espionage, Dario Trek, an agent of the Intergalactic Special Agent Division (ISAD), faces his greatest challenge yet. After a grueling mission, he returns home to Veloria Prime, only to find peace elusive as a new threat looms. The Nexa Hunt game, an interdimensional scavenger hunt, is a deadly trap orchestrated by Klesha Mara.


Trek's mission is clear: uncover Klesha Mara's plan, protect the innocent, and ensure no player becomes a casualty. Alongside allies like Agent Arista Karma and therapist Nenah Nova, Dario navigates a web of deception and danger, from serene deserts to perilous portals. The future of multiple worlds hangs in the balance as he races to confront Mara and discover the hidden agenda.


Can Dario Trek outwit the forces threatening the galaxy, or will the Nexa Hunt game claim another victim? "Nexa Hunt" is a gripping tale of courage, sacrifice, and justice in a universe where danger lurks at every turn.

Audiobook, NexaHunt, The Atomic Connection (Unabridged)

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