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The mission of my site is simple and twofold. To help anyone on the journey of self-discovery. My team and I are creating music, short films, and blog content to provoke thought.


We know when the mind expands, the discovery of the self and its relation to the cocreated reality meet face-to-face. You also begin peeling away your program's first layer and review. 


When you're on your journey, you'll attract those like you. If you don't find others like you ... manifest it! But you will learn from each connected experience.


A new way of living is crucial now more than ever, and creating positive influences and initiating new methods will shape the future. So wake up, and discover your mission, bliss, calling, or whatever forces you to put yourself first and improve. And always love all beings, practice forgiveness, and peel away the layers that have you confined and emerge free. 


When the collective shift in consciousness is activated, you and everyone in your soul group will emerge. Thus ending the current program and replacing it with the new one. That's when humanity's next evolution of this timeline begins ... exploration.


Here you'll find content to help you deprogram the mind. Your perceived reality will shift to where you emerge with a better understanding of reality and how you can update your program to a conscious one.

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