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Opposing Energy Flow

Whenever confronted with a reality that doesn't suit the direction you're heading - an opposing flow - do not attach emotionally, let it go. Or else, your life-force connects to a portal to frustration, anger, confusion and a lack of awareness. In other words, a waste of time.

Remember, mindfulness is key.

If however, the unwanted experience occurs, make every effort to bring awareness back to your breathing. Create steps to gain control of your mind.

When you bring attention and focus to your breathing as well as the state of mind, you begin the transformation - taming and control of the mind open.

By taming the mind, you direct the flow of your journey. And by directing the flow, contemplate on the direction and the outcome you desires will create. Will it be selfless of selfish? Will it benefit all sentient beings or just you?

Think about it. It is a delicate balance for sure. How your actions affect the current stream is up to you but is it beneficial? Namasté


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