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Do you think you know what this place is?

Remember ... everything that you know and believe to be true in this reality is not all there is to know.

Most have been told and taught it to be whatever the previous earthlings were taught it to be, and they only knew a tiny bit.

Now, if your consciousness is not tamed and understood -- then you're Prana (spirit, chi, life-force) is stuck in samsara, (repetition cycle) - and it's running a co-created program that keeps you and others like you in the dark, complacent, ignorant - contributing to your extinction.

Know the Dharma and let go of the attachment or ego.

So with that, be bold and go within.

Sit in meditation and merge with the source.

Get the key to the way out. And be mindful that too much contemplation is just another form of samsara, a false one at that.

As with all things - balance is just one of the keys, so is being awake. Namasté


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