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Are We Creating?

In my last post, "Where's the Resistance" I said I would share what came to me immediately out of meditation. At that point, I had sessions lasting more than an hour, and as usual and a constant while meditating is the mind's continued control of your consciousness.

The mind controls many bodily functions without you having to worry about it especially when you're sleeping. Even when in meditation it wants to control you, and that's when you need to ask yourself, "Who is controlling this thing I call self-body, this mind ... Me?"

Your minds programming will prevent you from obtaining greatness, and from getting to your next level in life, if you do nothing and stay asleep that is. Exactly who are you and, are you going to let the mind stop you from achieving the optimal goal - Nirvana?

Just a reminder, flowing thoughts will always attempt to pull you out of your meditation sessions but will weaken in frequency. Be fierce and determined never to attach to ideas or stimulations the mind sends your way to stop you from taming the mind.

The mind controls the body, including stimulations drawing your attention to it, like your emotional memories stored in your cells - ponder on that. Regardless, when coming out of meditation one is more connected to everything everywhere all the time - PERIOD!

And all that we do affects everyone and everything all the time! Likened to our universe and the planetary bodies on their annual orbits, vibrating sending out gravitational waves affecting everything at all levels.

Imagine if you will, our solar system in a pool of water, with all of the planets in their positions frozen, LIKE A PICTURE - STATIC ...

Now turn on the SUN, IT VIBRATES SENDING OUT HEAT AND WAVES OF ENERGY from the center, reaching all planets.

Now imagine all the planets turned on beginning their revolutions around the SUN, all bodies vibrating and sending out gravitational waves of their "own presence" interacting like a family - we affect everything, and everything affects us always.

Is the picture of your existence and purpose on Mother Earth getting clearer?



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