Have you found your path?

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By pursuing your dream, your bliss... vehemently. Whatever that may be... your purpose will consciously unravel, illuminating the way, creating a fulfilling reality.

Once on the path, you will not go back to how you lived. You will make a difference. You will contribute to all the inhabitants of this planet and beyond. You will bring joy to all.

Should you decide against passion and purpose, that would be like finding and experiencing happiness 24/7 and going back to living an unhappy existence, willingly.

If you're not sure of your path, get busy and find your bliss - get addicted! If no passion exists, discover what drives and motivates you - DAILY. If you're still not sure, its possible you haven't begun the journey because of outside influences, adversity, or programming. But you owe it to yourself to overcome whatever prevents you from doing so.

To start the trip, you must first empty the mind, by taming the mind daily with meditation. Then cleanse the body. With that as the first foundational link in place, keep the momentum, move forward.

Be Wise, Be Well, Be Mindful, Alert and Create

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