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Have you found your way?

Have you found your way yet?

The direction you chose will either take you to your dreams/purpose OR take you down a road of endless detours and experiences not worth living; you must chose wisely or suffer the consequences.

By asking critical and challenging questions like, "What is my way, What am I suppose to do with my life, etc.? You will get closer to the answer. Forget about what you think is expected from you by your friends, family, parents, and whoever. FUCK THAT! It's your life! Now live it!

By pursuing your bliss like a boss, your purpose on this earth will unravel, and If you're paying attention, it will illuminate the path in front of you.

But first, you better understand the journey will be difficult. You will meet adversity often. However, meditation is one of the keys to overcoming the negative self-talk you probably don't realize has you-prisoner.

If you're unsure of your journey or haven't started, you better get busy right now and find your bliss - you best get addicted! Because if you don't ... before you know it, you will be old, angry, and pissed off that you didn't take any chances or risk earlier in life, and then you'll blame everyone for your unhappiness. Trust me, I know from personal experience.

If no passion exists, do some deep inner work and discover what drives and motivates you - DAILY. You owe it to yourself to overcome whatever prevents you from doing so.


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