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Where’s the Resistance?

For the longest time, I thought ... the world around me was the culprit. From mom telling me what I could and couldn't do, to my church, community, specific friends, and family. Also being passed up for job promotions for not being the right sex or race.

I noticed an increased level of resistance whenever I worked on creative projects. When I was writing, the opposition would often camouflage with distractions, either imposed by my procrastination or the luring of friends and family, etc...

After getting back into meditation fulltime, my perception of resistance and its origin became clear.

I began peeling away the onion, sort of speak. And each time I took off a layer, I became aware of the little voice in my head telling not to exercise, not to care, don't bother with what to eat, not to work on creative projects, everything I should have been doing, I was not. ​

Yet that same voice said - I would get sick, and when I did - I would need to take medicine. That same voice was telling me I will get nowhere. That same voice was telling me - I was a loser. You get it, right?

WE ARE the RESISTANCE that prevents us from obtaining what we desire to achieve. We CREATE the REALITY which keeps us in place OR moves us towards a destined actuality.

Consider this ... when WE ARE AWARE, WE DECIDE our physical, spiritual and emotional health, NOT the influence of the collective consciousness. Again, when you have awakened and peeled the onion, your true self-breaks free.

In my next blog, I'll share what came to me immediately out of meditation. You may find this interesting or not, either way, it's your choice to return, right? Namasté.


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