Sound & Vibration is Life

How well do you know yourself and the relationship you have with your consciousness and with the universal reality that feeds yo?


More insight into that knowledge and who we are begins with the practice of tearing us apart within - the unraveling of ourselves and what we perceive this flesh to be - breaks us free.

We must deconstruct who we think we are to find true self. The only way to do this is to understand consciousness, and the practice I recommend which will be beneficial requires taming the mind through mindfulness and meditation, and not just any type, but intentional-meditation.

If you get in the habit of listening and observing your body through the practice, you will begin to feel your essence vibrating within and around.

Remember, all things in the universe are broken down into 3-components, energy, vibration, and frequency - everything is light. And if you feel the vibration, you'll be able to see the shapes that are created by the sound emanating from you and the collective universe.

Finally, when you ponder on the origination, you'll discover the infinity and your connection to the source, and by using your gut instinct, your intuition - the truth of this reality and your purpose will become transparent, enhancing your life path, mission.


Be wise, create and contribute

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