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Is our Collective Consciousness awake?

The human collective is not awake, more like controlled. Read on and think about it. Have you ever observed humanity's current state, our collectives direction, and future? Humans, other than procreating like rabbits and using up the planet's resources as if they're limitless, continue to eat it all up, continue to contaminate the earth, air, and water, and push other species to extinction by either stealing their habitat or polluting their eco-system, with no end in sight.

As a species, we're not progressing as fast as we should. And if you have not thought about our collective state and that of your children, if you have any, I suggest you do and let it sink in a bit. We gain knowledge of what we're doing to ourselves and our world, and we keep doing it. We're collectively ignorant! We advance technologically and progress a little bit, then take multiple steps back. Collectively we're selfish and need a wake-up call, but will we?

Look around and immerse yourself in the constants and challenges of the planet. All types of realities occur daily on various continents and countries. Wars, famine, disease, sickness, homelessness, disparity, racism, discrimination, exploitation of resources, etc. Haven't we experienced enough of this bullshit suffering?

How many times must we continue along this path?

This ignorance has been around for as long as I can remember. But it's been going on for eons. It's like we keep pressing the replay button over and over again. It's like we're stuck and unable to progress forward to the next step. Could it be it is all on purpose?

Preflood evidence of ancient civilizations much older, sophisticated, and advanced than ours can be found everywhere in the ancient world. However, you don't hear much about them because they would make you question your own religious beliefs. Think about it ... what I'm getting at here is, what happened to them will indeed happen again. You don't hear about a plan to move us forward, just more fairy tale-created bullshit stories/brainwashing to keep humanity stupid as fuck scared and codependent.

Think about it. Could it be someone, or something, or a group intentionally keeping humanity in the dark? If so, how in their collective agenda is that beneficial?

How about this ... what if OUR COMBINED COLLECTIVE-CONSCIOUS-PROGRAMMING is holding us back? Could it be something as simple as that? A sort of 100 monkey effect scenario, where our collective energy's creating and feeding the reality we think is real? THINK ...

What if all of this messed-up chaos and the combined collective programming are responsible for the decay, slowing progress, and inevitable end of our kinds?

Consider that observation of clarity.

In the next post, we will go into Blueprints.


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