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What's going on here?

Consider this, what's the real purpose of this dimension? With all this chaos, confusion, negativity, obstacles, and distractions - surely it can't be a creation of a cognizant God, can it? It makes no sense at all.

Take time and think IF you haven't already done so. Get off the app that's stealing your attention and turn off the notifications! And while you at it, turn off the phone, television, and everything else that takes control of your mind. Stop all addictive behaviors that divert you from your purpose here and go to a quiet place within, clear your mind, bring silence to your presence, and listen carefully to the connection you have with the divine source, God. Then analyze this,

IF and all-knowing deity created what we all experience, all this pain, suffering, all this joy, and happiness, everything - ask yourself, why? Why is this necessary? Day in - day out, we go through these unnecessary experiences, and for what? It's already programmed into our collective consciousness and DNA for millennia. Think, why are we here experiencing all this disparity? I'm so over this ... aren't you?

All of these experiences occurring everywhere daily, the discrimination, the prejudice, the cannibalism of the human spirit, the wars, famine, etc. This entire illusion can no longer be justified by the belief that it's all part of God's plan or that we must endure this craziness so that we get a treat - a reward when we leave this earth. That's all just darkness and wishful thinking. What is this place, really?

Without a doubt, I sense and believe this reality to be nothing more than an elaborate sham - a curtain covering our eyes, our physical universe, and collective consciousness, preventing us from seeing the truth. An incredibly corrupt situation, nonetheless. But its time to be BOLD go within and synchronize with the divine source and be still.

Consider this as well. Generation after generation we continue repeating cycles which do no good for the spirit, it's as if we're in a holding cell, a temporal anomaly, purgatory, a simulation or game? We reset and come back. What if the image and idea of who we individually believe ourselves to be, you know the singular ego - what if it's not real at all, or worse prisoners, being controlled for the amusement of others, or something else altogether?

We slowly advance in some areas and quickly in others. It's almost as if something, or someone, or perhaps a group of uncooperating individuals are deliberately holding us back, in the process erasing and fostering chaos in all humanity, OR slowly directing us towards a future we have yet to be made aware of. If so why? I'm sure something else being kept from us, as well?

Ponder this. Have you ever thought of the possibility you've lived in another place and reality, a dimension before this place? If you have, are you able to go back to the moment before your birth and entrance to this world to discover your purpose for coming here? If so, what can you share? Or, what if the reason you don't remember your origin is that it's not worth remembering, or so sad and terrible that some part of your higher-consciousness chooses to ignore and forget? Or the most obvious, you have way too many distractions to consider any of my suggestions?

You know, there's Hindi and Buddhist belief that when we die, our prana or life force (spirit) returns to the source, then we reincarnate and start over again, only the next time you bring with you the same baggage you hadn't resolved in the past life, perhaps? Or, could it be a spiritual cleansing of the sort - purgatory - or a combination of everything, maybe. What if its a like that game simulation thing I mentioned earlier in this post. Think about it.

I suggest we wake up collectively and help each other get out of this labyrinth, we have been here way too long, and we owe it to ourselves and future generations a departure from this miserable and enlightening experience. We must co-create a divine future and purpose that advances all of humanity and all the inhabitants of this universe. And if we're the endless cycle of reincarnation, purgatory, a game, simulation or whatever, shouldn't we strive to get to the next level? And if we are prisoners, shouldn't we fight back and expose those responsible for our current reality, even it is our collective consciousness?

Either way, its time to wake up, love everyone, sync up with the Divine Source and advance - do you not agree?


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