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Are some following a blueprint?

Some people are robot-like. Just look around and observe your surroundings and the interactions of people. Pay close attention to the patterns, including possibly having some yourself. Look at our world and connect the dots. The points in time that control and manipulate you daily could be part of an elaborate illusion, a program, or a prison if you're unaware.

Here's one I want you to try out. The next time you're in traffic, focus on the cars. If you see two of the same type of car, style, and color driving along the same path, could it be a glitch? I have actually seen that occur. I saw two VW Beetle Convertibles same color traveling in opposite directions; could it be a Matrix? It doesn't have to be traffic and cars; it can be anything; just become more aware of this messy design!

How I perceive the world that you and I share and its mechanics, like time, seasons, cycles, births, deaths, God, demons, good, evil, wars, famine, disease, and all of everything that makes up our collective understanding of this cosmos, has irritated and consumed my intellect most my life.

I started asking questions about this ridiculous reality as a child. I asked my parents, "Why is everything so messed up?" They couldn't explain why they were too deep into the programming that conditions us, the rabbit hole. Even at an early age, I noticed the mechanical nature of what I read and learned in school and religion.

They set up a meeting with one of our priests at my church so that he could explain more of this nonsense to me. He told me the same crap my parents told me - you must have faith; it's part of God's plan. They even tried to convince me that I had the calling to be a priest. I couldn't believe them. I felt like I was in a dream.

Nevertheless, I was more determined to find answers. I versed myself with the beliefs of other religions. I went to bible studies, but I never did fit in. All the people I met along the way were like robots, machine-like. Either scared to think for themselves for reasons of alienation, disfellowship, or the possibility of being alone.

I did come across a few pretending to like what they were sharing and those who were only concerned about their egos. Whatever their issue, it was evident they weren't going against the grain!

I've thought of this potential reality more than I care to admit, and part of me concludes an aspect of humans being controlled and following a blueprint like machines that can only do what their schematics are designed to do. But theirs a twist, these entities are creating resistance, trying to stop others from waking up and living their purpose.

I had an epiphany many years ago when reading the book of Revelations. That book is like a crazy ass dream or movie. Why would an all-knowing deity create this? It got me thinking ... what if you combine verses from that book that many people believe will happen, and then toss in some collective conscious programming, you know, a hodge-podge of craziness, then the 100 monkey effect phenomena will take effect, more insanity. If you have not heard of the monkey experiment, you owe it to yourself should check it out.

Anyway, the more I learn about our combined collective conscience, the more this insane reality makes sense. Too many people are asleep, and their essence has been taken over by machines; they're following a blueprint, plus their sleeping existence will interfere with your own progress. And the only way out of this created mechanical blueprinted bullshit existence is to wake up, get pissed off, and push anything and anyone, including crazy-ass fanatic people and religions, out your way or they will contaminate and confuse you with negativity.

PUSH BACK any soulless machine people types and take back your prana life force.


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