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Did We Create the Big Bang?

Hmmm, a bold idea, indeed.

I've been delving deeper into consciousness using meditation to strengthen my mind. And to suggest such a thing may be too much for some to handle, and that could be conditioning.

Anyone wanting to know more owes it to themselves to learn about this reality and share their findings.

We must ask ourselves if we're ready to ALLOW our PERCEPTIONS to be challenged and Provoked. - if so - we must clear our minds of all thoughts and distractions to understand a different point of view. As for this post, I suggest no thinking while reading; just take it in.

It may be hard for some to stop their minds from wandering and whatnot. Because most people's consciousness is bombarded daily. You've got social apps ... technology changes, and for the most part, people have some ADD. It will be difficult for ordinary people to take control of their minds because they have residual programming to fight through. My suggestion is to FIGHT THE RESISTANCE HEAD-ON. And that's because you will find considerable adversity in this earthly realm.

Be PASSIONATE about knowing WHO YOU ARE on this journey because it will awaken you.

Did We Create the Big Bang, though?

That's an intriguing idea. And it's unlike anything I've ever considered. But, some innate part of me believes - ALL OF US - every living thing is part of this ever-expanding universe and part of the Divine Being that created everything. At some point, we were a singularity before now.

I've pondered the possibilities that each of us, you know ... me - mom - dad, everyone - ALL OF US - is part of a singular consciousness. Experiencing personal realities at various frequencies contributes to the collective consciousness. For example ... like a hand and its fingers sharing a hot plate running to a table ... all the joints are separate but connected. Yet the same experience.

Consider this. What if, at some point eons ago, we were "this singularity" and decided to create a physical reality - this reality - for a specific purpose, and then the big bang occurred because of that decision. Why? A construct created by us - to experience "us" in the physical realm. Was that necessary?

This notion that we are the Divine is not new. It is a concept most people never consider or hear about because of their restrictive religious programming. However, all craziness in this world would make sense if what I'm suggesting is correct, don't you agree?

On the one hand - the more we ponder this idea, the more interesting, exciting, and intriguing it becomes. But on the other hand, the deeper we enter a labyrinth or rabbit hole, we're looking for a resolution to our question.

Why must we experience the physical realm if we're the Divine?

Why would we need to continue experiencing all the uncomfortable realities, such as wars, famine, disease, murder, and emotional issues? And everything else that makes life so unpleasant and miserable - ONLY to experience it repeatedly?

Think about this. An architect would've figured out the design flaws before construction started. So the plan and the problem of this perspective - to know the self VIA many divided entities - doesn't make sense, does it?

I will share the second part of where I'm going with this, "Are We The Source?" Until next time.



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