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Are We the Source, God?

Hey there, Cosmic Travelers! Ever felt like you're more than just a fleeting moment in the grand tapestry of the universe? What if I told you you're not just a part of the universe, but you ARE the universe, or even the Source, God? Buckle up, Buttercup, because we're about to go on a mind-bending cosmic ride.


Today, we're diving headfirst into a question that's as audacious as it is soul-stirring: Are we, in some unfathomable, intricate way, the Source or even God? Are we eat h an individual reality, kinda like a microcosm. Like we're individual smaller programs of a bigger program. And if that's the case, what cosmic implications does that hold for us, both as individual stardust beings and as a collective cosmic consciousness?

Body The Cosmic Enigma

We've been handed down fragments of information about the universe, from many people, religions and whatnot but what if that's just scratching the surface? Imagine there are missing chapters in our cosmic storybook—chapters that could unveil our true nature as extraordinary beings of limitless potential. I believe we should seek them out share the findings.

Clearing the Mind

Before we go any further, let's do some cosmic housekeeping. Ever dabbled in single-pointed meditation? Think of it as your spiritual Swiffer, sweeping away the mental dust and debris that cloud our connection to the Source. If your mind is bogged down or you may want to connect with your inner self. Believe me clearing the mind is likened to removing unnecessary files from a computer, it just works better and faster.

Observing Our Beliefs

Now, let's get introspective. When you affirm, "I am of the Source," how does that resonate within your soul? Is it a harmonious symphony or more like a dissonant chord? What do you feel? Do you get goosebumps? Do the hairs on your neck standup?

The Act of Creation

Hold onto your cosmic hats: What if we're not just creations but creators in our own right? Imagine being on the cusp of birthing a new version of yourself, much like an artist sketching a masterpiece or a musician composing a symphony. It's a beautiful yet complex process, akin to a woman nurturing a life within her for nine months. Mind-blowing, isn't it?

Provoking Enlightenment

To ascend the cosmic ladder, we've got to keep that enlightenment flame ablaze. Think of it as your soul's software update, making you more compatible with higher dimensions of existence.

The Creator Within

Here's a cosmic curveball: What if the Creator isn't some distant deity but is actually you, me, all of us? This flips the script and turns the tables on everything we've been conditioned to believe.

Reconstructing Beliefs

To fully grasp this, we've got to deconstruct our old beliefs like a cosmic Lego set; only then can we see the grand design without preconceived notions fogging our cosmic lenses.

Seeing Differently

As divine fragments, we need to adopt a new perspective that's not about judgment but understanding the intricate ballet of existence.

The Big Bang Reimagined

Picture this: The Big Bang is not a random explosion but a calculated, intentional act of creation. It's like the universe hitting the cosmic refresh button, rebooting itself into a new era of possibilities.


So, as we venture into the depths of our cosmic identity, we're not mere spectators. We're active participants, co-authors, and even directors of this ever-unfolding cosmic epic.


This post is designed to tickle your cosmic curiosity, not to lay down any universal truths. If it ruffles your feathers, take a moment to ponder why. Is that reason really worth stalling the collective evolution of humanity?


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