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What seeds will you plant today?

What seeds will you plant today?

Seeds are the beginning of all things .....

You are the gardener, the harvester, and the nourished. You wear many hats when seeds are involved. And yes, you are brilliantly equipped to master it all. But did you know this? Let me paint the picture ...

Seeds are the root source and the beginning of numerous things. EVERYTHING begins with a thought, or an idea, so be mindful of the seeds you plant today.

Creative and destructive elements are seeds; just like food, these things can be whatever you decide. However, will it benefit humankind? If so, excellent! You are symbiotic ... or becoming. If not, you better check yourself.

On this earth plane, many things are possible, but more clarity about what you can and not do is like the challenges you encounter daily, like the weeds of your garden you must be diligent in protecting.

Distractions (Weeds) are plenty in our reality, like the disruptors of any endeavor; do you know how to distinguish weeds from non-weeds?

If not, you must first become the observer of your mind. You must release the part of the ego that holds you back - it feeds your false ego and the elaborate elusive labyrinth it creates. As with all things physical and ethereal, seeds plant more seeds being anything, masking themselves into any form, an idea, a belief, a friend, a person you believe has good intentions, a shapeshifter. ANYTHING!

For Example, FEAR and its seeds, such as jealousy, envy, greed, etc., will only lead to sadness and destruction. And if you decide to feed it, that construct will teach you to hate and add to the illusion that you are better than the other part of you, which is calmness or confidence. And then, the cycle will begin the next day until you wake up and realize what you're feeding. Do you follow?

Which seed will you plant today?


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