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Who Are You?

Photo by Valentin Lacoste on Unsplash

Hey! I'm just going to get right to it ... Are you what you envisioned yourself to be at this particular point in your existence because of what you decided you should be from an earlier time?

Consider this ... We're always leaping from one experience to the next as an individual, human, and collective species.

This shared reality, our collective junk ... all this shit you see around you, humans, and others created it. Are they in control of it, OR is something or someone else manipulating humans and other lifeforms?

If you have the drive and courage, discover what's "REALLY" going on. If you're scared because of your program, definitely do some digging because your happiness depends on discovery.

Now then ... Thoughts are incredible instances of an imaging design program that you contribute to creating moment by moment. You spend a lot of time with your thoughts. It's unceasingly jumping from one thing to the next like a monkey leaping from tree to tree.

If we're unaware of what's using and directing us, whose life/program are we living? What are we collectively producing?

Take a minute, clear your mind, focus on your breath, then look around ... Are you okay with what you see because you're helping create that reality?

We're creating and recreating the next step in our reality, debating, contemplating, justifying, and reminiscing. You name it ... we're constantly making something happen. Either flying solo, within a group, or collectively. But is it what you want to collaborate on creating?

There's always something going on upstairs, and then the automatic programming is occurring below the surface. Do you know what I mean?

Are you completely controlling yourself, your mind, and your decisions? Do the things you agree on stem from you, your programming, your brainwashing, or is your drive from the motivation from a planned future you decided on? It's something to ponder about, that's for sure.

As for being in complete control of yourself, I doubt it. The human being collective is continually being stimulated, manipulated, intimidated, profiled, and controlled by family, friends, communities, governments, religions, and whatnot ... BUT what's running their program? Hahaha...

Do you want to go deeper? If so, then sit with me and meditate ...


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