The Beta Frequency

We’re floating out of the car hovering about twenty feet above now. And he’s still not aware of me, or is he? I’ll just keep observing.


He scans the area to get a better idea of where the energy disturbance emanates and notices a black car at the entrance to the bridge. “There's the disruption,” he believes. It’s increasing in all the wrong frequencies, the beta frequencies to be exact. “It’s all over the place with those guys,” he says. 


We go over to investigate it just in case; his intuition dictates for him to do just that, so he goes towards it.


When we get near, we hover in front of one of the men, so close we’re able to look into his eyes. They're cold and lifeless souls, or rather, soulless would be a better description. 


We listen to the instructions coming through one of the earpieces and are alarmed, but not surprised with what we hear. They’re being instructed to capture the monk. 


The man grabs his cell phone and touches an orb icon, and a sub-menu pops up requesting instructions. On screen, an animated image of a spherical machine attached to what appears to be a cellphone tower is released. 


The monk and I watch the negative energy emanating from the men; it’s incredible and amazing how much power they’re able to drain from other lifeforms. It’s so much of a waste of energy that I can sense the monk's astral body wanting to return to the physical realm but, he controls the astral body. Or is it because my consciousness is in some way strengthening his, helping?


In spite of that, It doesn’t take long for us to figure out that we’ve got to get out of there - and fast. Quickly and calmly, we return to the taxi, and the monk reenters his body.