Dharma Retrograde – Wakey, Wakey

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Listen up Beings of light.

The time has come to shed the false ego and to REVIEW what doesn’t serve ya or your higher purpose. You got to enlighten yourself, shift, hint, move-go and don’t procrastinate – no time for that – you’ll only hurt yourself in the process.


TIME TO LET GO OF THE EGO – Find the rhythm that connects you to the correct frequency - learn to discern energies.

It’s time to REGARD love and light – let go of the bullshit ego that holds ya, prisoner. Be mindful of what you put in your mind and body cause it will taint your vision.

Wakey, wakey, – it’s time to solo

Clue, if you’re not sober – YOU’RE NOT vibrating at the higher frequency necessary for the UPGRADE.

Time to REGENERATE and PROCEED with your higher work that’s going help ya as you make your way home.

But most important of all, stay in the light, be humble, compassionate, loving, generous souls. Keep that ego in check and don’t get caught up in the madness of the matrix of negativity which can only bring you down.

Earth is a school - Experience is Karmic lesson’s you must burn to get to the next level.

Many blessings to the journeyers making their way back to the source.


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