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Babe, are we in Hell?

What if I told you we collectively create Hell and are too scattered-minded to know that we have control of whatever reality we want to experience because we're the source, the creator ... We are God!


Imagine wandering through a reality so daunting and surreal that it prompts a half-whispered, uneasy question to your companion: "Babe, are we in Hell?" This isn't the stuff of myths or distant tales; it echoes our current existence. In this blog post, we'll delve into why our present world might not just resemble but be a modern interpretation of Hell and what this means for us. Don't be scared.

The Hell of Modern Life

Take a look around. The relentless pace of life, the overwhelming surge of information, and the constant pressure to perform and conform – aren't these traits of a hellish existence? What about the wars, disease, famine, etc? We are living in an era where burnout is the norm, where our mental peace is constantly under siege by the following breaking news or social media alerts. If Hell is defined as suffering and disconnection from joy, then perhaps we're already there.

Historical and Cultural Parallels

Historically, Hell has been portrayed as a place of eternal suffering, a realm of fire and brimstone. Today, our 'fires' are the burning crises of climate change, global conflicts, and societal unrest. The 'brimstone'? Perhaps it's the toxic air of pollution and the bitterness of divided communities. Our ancestors' depictions of Hell were metaphors for the ultimate suffering; in many ways, our current world reflects those very fears and anxieties.

Personal Anecdotes of a Hellish World

Consider the story of John, a friend who works in a high-pressure job. His days are a marathon of endless tasks, leaving him drained and without a moment's peace. His experience is a standard testament to the relentless, often thankless grind that many of us endure. This constant state of stress and exhaustion – isn't it akin to the traditional depictions of torment?

The Reality of Our Situation

The truth is stark – our world, in its current state, possesses all the makings of a hellish landscape. Social inequalities, environmental degradation, and personal disillusionment are just the tip of the iceberg. We are navigating through a reality that tests our spirits and drains our hopes, much like the mythical journeys through underworlds of ancient lore.


So, when we ask ourselves, "Are we in Hell?" the answer might be more affirmative than we'd like to admit. This realization isn't meant to dishearten but to awaken. Recognizing our reality for what it is – a challenging, often painful experience – is the first step towards making meaningful changes, both personally and collectively. But what if we're collectively creating this Hell? Ponder on that.

Engaging Element

I invite you, dear readers, to reflect on your own experiences. Do you see the parallels with the traditional concept of Hell in your daily life? How do you cope with this realization, and what changes do you think are necessary to transform our world into something better? Share your thoughts, and let's start a conversation about turning our 'Hell' into a hopeful journey towards a better future.


This blog is meant to provoke thought, encourage evolution, and inspire.

 It is not intended to provide professional advice.


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