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Friendships based on Social Status

Are you okay with that, or do you have a problem?

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friendship based on status


The boundaries between genuine friendship and social connections based on status can become unclear in Today's technology-driven world. This post aims to explore the core of our social interactions, questioning whether we are pursuing authentic companionship or if status and image are the driving factors. The inspiration for this post emerged from a group of individuals that I noticed followed a specific pattern.


Pursuing friendships based on status involves associating with individuals with high social standing and whatnot, but do they have substance? In Today's age of social media, status is often measured by factors such as the number of followers, likes, and perceived lifestyle. While social status was historically determined by family lineage and wealth, the digital era presents a new paradigm of 'social currency.'

Psychological theories suggest that we are drawn to high-status individuals because of a desire for increased self-esteem and social belonging. Studies have shown that people often feel a sense of elevated self-worth when associated with high-status individuals, highlighting a deep-seated need for societal approval and belonging.

Friendships based on status can result in shallow personal relationships. A study found that people with status-based friendships reported feeling less personal fulfillment. In contrast, friendships formed on shared values and mutual interests tend to be more fulfilling and longer-lasting.

One should be mindful of red flags and self-reflect to ensure they do not prioritize status over genuine connection. Signs of this include constantly feeling the need to impress friends, friendships lacking deep conversations, or feeling used for one's status. It is crucial to reflect on your friendships and determine whether they are based on mutual respect and understanding or merely a means to an end.

Shifting your focus from status to substance is essential to change the narrative. One should cultivate friendships that encourage personal growth and allow them to be authentic. Engaging in communities and activities that align with your interests and values is also a great way to foster genuine friendships that enhance well-being and provide a reliable support system.


Our lives are incomplete without friendships. Understanding and learning the reasons and methods for establishing these relationships is essential to achieving personal progress, satisfaction, and happiness. While we navigate the intricate social settings of contemporary times, let us create solid friendship bonds based on genuineness and mutual admiration.

Disclaimer: This blog is meant to provoke thought, encourage evolution, and inspire and is not intended to provide professional advice. Strategies discussed are based on personal experiences and resources and should not substitute professional consultation.

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