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NexaHunt's book cover

sci-fi fantasy

NexaHunt, Atomic Connection

In the high-stakes RPG of NexaHunt, fallen fashion magazine mogul Kaya Kellix teams up with psychotherapist Nenah Nova to reclaim her standing and outmaneuver her cunning ex-husband, Draven Merik.


Their quest takes a dark turn when Interdimensional Agents M. Trek and Seren Faeler join the game undercover to investigate the fate of missing players and the disturbing truth behind altered memories. As they navigate the treacherous worlds of NexaHunt, they uncover Draven's sinister plot: cloning humans, creating androids, and capturing aliens to harvest their minds.


With players vanishing and memories manipulated, Kaya, Nenah, Trek, and Faeler must face increasingly dangerous challenges to reveal the truth. In an electrifying climax, the team confronts Draven and his army of abominations, racing against time to save countless beings across the multiverse.


NexaHunt is a thrilling sci-fi adventure that dives deep into parallel worlds, portals, and the mysteries of the multiverse.

Translations coming soon:

Spanish | Korean | German Italian | Chinese | French Japanese | Arabic | Hindi

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Format: eBook | Audiobook | Paperback

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