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Upcoming Works

beta sci-fi novel thumbnail

"The Beta Frequency"  is the story of Diego Luz, an urban Buddhist who joins awakened mavericks to fight the current programmer, Mara, and rescue a prime dynamo from Samsara. I've been working on this story for 13 years.


"NexaHunt, The Atomic Connection" story intertwines with The Beta Frequency.

cosmivox magazine thumbnail

COSMIVOX is a new digital magazine whose content focuses on preparing Earthlings on all levels for a spacefaring type 1 civilization. The name "Cosmivox" is the portmanteau of two words: Cosmic and the Greek word "Vox," meaning voice.

The magazine's content includes education advancements, interstellar exploration, technological innovation, and more. We must overcome these challenges before progressing towards a structured type 1 civilization.

The content inspires purpose, recognizes potential, working together towards this new state of being by adapting, learning, and collaborating to create this new construct.

Cosmivox aims to kickstart Earthlings in an interactive direction and prepare us for a spacefaring society. Our social media will engage you in participating. Each issue will request your input and, when chosen, will be printed in a future issue.

As we grow, a podcast and interviews with influential people making a difference will follow; for now, we will feature interviews with locals. More creative projects are on the way.

The time is now. Let us begin this journey and collectively create an extraordinary future. 

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