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Energy and Consciousness

Energy is everywhere in all things that can be seen and unseen. All things of matter are the results of that conscious and unconscious flow of energy, which is created in the storehouse.

In the storehouse ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

An excellent example of this universal truth is the role played by the architect. Before the foundation can be laid or that first brick put into place, the actual position to start is actually codependent on many players and levels. But none of that can happen unless the plan is first designed.

In the mind of the architect, all pieces of the players of the puzzle must be considered. The architect knows the outcome, but it is the journey and the communication of the players in-between… that determine the sought after results.

The architect is like the conductor of an orchestra, he must direct the symphony in the right direction to fully appreciate the music. And so it is with the architect, he must direct the music and harmony played with the electrician, the framer, the plumber, the roofer, etc…

Everything in our physical world is first created in mind… when you close your eyes and silence your mind; you connect with the universal flow of conscious energy - which is ever present in all things.

This IS - a universal truth.


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